Collaboration in Virtual Spaces

Meet & Interact in Virtual Spaces!

Work next to your colleagues, chat and interact with them - the new normal in the digital space.

Create your

personalized avatar

Select one of our

preconfigured avatars

Join with video from your laptop

or mobile device

Collaborate in Virtual Realities

Present your 3D models and work on them with your colleagues. Conduct a workshop using whiteboards or digitally craft prototypes – all in one virtual space!

Collect your ideas with sticky notes

Work with 3d objects

Share your screen

Export & share your work

Implement your existing applications

Integrate the tools and applications that you are already using. Simply by sharing the link with our application.

No software installation

Explore our application through your web-browser from any device. No software installation required!

GDPR compliant

Be assured that your personal data is protected as INVRTUAL is GDPR compliant and we exclusively work with GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified partners.

High data security

You will receive an individual account to the INVRTUAL platform on which you can store and manage your content safely. Our sessions are protected by cryptographically secure key pairs.

Device independent

Immerse yourself in the virtual spaces of INVRTUAL regardless of your device.

Hybrid solution

Meet as avatars in virtual spaces and communicate through audio and video.​

Immersive interaction

Whether on a digital whiteboard or with 3D objects - immerse yourself in the 3D space and interact live with your colleagues and partners.

CO2 neutral

Make an impact. Our servers are 100% Co2 neutral. With INVRTUAL you reduce business travel and thus save emissions.​