INVRTUAL Trainings

Experience trainings in customized 3D environments

Convince participants online


Your customizable virtual world

Enrich your virtual trainings with 2D content. Show videos, images, or create emotion by drawing on canvases.
Integrate existing tools such as Conceptboard or Microsoft Forms to collect feedback from your participants.
Set the mood by customizing the room design. Paint the walls, change the lighting, or add your favorite logos.


3D Meeting & Training Room

Experience the possibilities of virtual spaces. Interact with 3D objects and solve puzzles in team building activities.
Improve your communication and problem-solving skills.
Experience your creations live in your office and bring 3D objects to life with our AR extension.


Create Creative Play Sessions

Enter an immersive 3D experience and discover a whole new dimension of creative play. Whether you’re interested in workshops, team building or personal development, INVRTUAL Creator gives you the opportunity to visualize your ideas and unleash your creative skills online.

INVRTUAL Trainings

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